We stock a large number of both current and obsolete shotgun barrels. Please e-mail us to check our inventory.

We carry the following brands and models:

Benelli Model M-1 Super 90 Montefeltro

Benelli Super Black Eagle

Beretta Model 302/303/AL2

Beretta Model S55

Beretta Model 390

Browning Model A-5

Browning Model A-500

Browning Model B-80

Browning Model B-2000

Browning Model BPS

Browning Model Gold

Browning Model BT-99

Browning Model Double Auto

Franchi Model L48

Fusil Automatic

H&R Topper/NEF SB1

Ithaca Model 37/87

Ithaca Model 51

Ithaca Model 300

Ithaca/SKB Model 900/900XL

Ithaca Model 10

Mossberg Model 500/600/Maverick

Mossberg Model 590

Mossberg Model 835

Mossberg Model 1000 Barrels

Remington Model 870

Remington Model 58/878

Remington Model 1100

Remington Model 11-87

Remington Model 11-48/48

Remington Model 11

Remington Model 10

Remington Model 17

Smith & Wesson Model 1000

Smith & Wesson Model 3000

Savage Model 520/620/720/755

Sears/Ted Williams Model 200

Sears/Ted Williams Model 300 B

Tradewinds Model H-170

Weatherby Automatic

Weatherby Pump

Winchester Model 12/1912

Winchester Model 120/1200

Winchester Model 130/1300

Winchester Model 140/1400

Winchester Model 1500

Winchester Model 25

Winchester Model 42

Winchester Model 50

Winchester Model 59 Win-Lite

Winchester Model 97

Winchester Super-X 1


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